We’re patients working to make things better for patients everywhere.

We’re patients working to make things better for patients everywhere.

Every one of our employees, from our leadership to our patient services experts, is dedicated to giving your patients a better experience.

Dennis Dowling

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve worked as a health care executive for more than 30 years, and I believe we can make a real impact on how patients experience quality care.

David Harvey

Chief Technology Officer

After my family went through a complex health challenge, I made it my mission to help as many families as possible have a more dignified and efficient experience with their health care providers.

Sharon Joy

Chief Financial Officer

I have spent my career working in health systems. I joined this team because I have a true passion for building first-class services that create the best patient experiences in the most stressful times.

Brad Logan

Chief Revenue Cycle Officer

As a “recovering electrical engineer,” I’ve always believed in using technology to streamline business processes. By doing so, we can provide patients with a better experience during espescially challenging times in their lives.

Michael Lovett

Chief Commercial Officer

I truly believe we can make it easier for patients and providers to interact. I see it as our way of working to make health care better in our country. 

June Scarlett

Chief Patient Access Officer

After my cancer diagnosis, I learned firsthand how one’s ability to think critically goes out the window when faced with an illness. I hope to simplify the process of getting healthy, and staying that way, for patients everywhere.

Nick Stefanizzi

Chief Administrative Officer

I believe that access to quality health care is essential, but the current state of our health system is broken. If I can be even a small part of fixing that, I’ll consider my time well spent.

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