Formativ Health

Solutions that drive a sustainable margin, enhance revenue, increase service volume, and improve patient and physician satisfaction with a single partner who can transform key areas of your operations.

Patient-Centered Access

Improving the patient care experience by enhancing and simplifying access to physicians and services, with a consistent experience and compassionate, knowledgeable, and readily accessible customer service.

Appointment Services

Provide a single point of contact to help patients find the right provider, at the right location, within the right timeframe while verifying patient coverage to begin the revenue cycle process.

Request Services

Focus valuable practice resources on patient care, not on administrative and back office details like medication refills, lab requests and eligibility verification.

Outbound Campaigns

Keep patients informed of important developments without taking time away from their care and services while enabling care coordination and disease management.

End-to End Revenue Cycle Management

Optimizing operational performance, physician satisfaction and patient experience is only accomplished when you are able to execute the 100+ revenue cycle activities in a consistent way, in the right order, thousands of times per day.

Patient Access

Provide patients with a single point of contact from scheduling to financial counseling.

Revenue Integrity

Ensure consistency and compliance in coding and charge capture to optimize revenue with performance management and analytics.

Billing Operations

Accelerate collections and increase speed-to-payment with a suite of billing office services.

Physician Practice Operations

Leverage our expertise to maximize the performance of your organization with tailored solutions based on your needs. We can take the headache out of running the day to day operations so you can concentrate on what you do best – patient care.

Administration and Accounting

We streamline operations while freeing you and your staff from the burdens of daily administrative tasks and operations such as business management, accounting and human resources services.

IT and Human Resources

Comprehensive human resources and IT services from our subject matter experts to support your staffing, technical, and operational needs.

Infrastructure and Procurement

Run an efficient practice with support from clinical and non-clinical personnel, and secure optimal pricing for office space and group pricing for equipment and supplies.

Compliance and Risk Management

Protect your practice and patients with compliance policy development and monitoring along with professional liability services.

Advisory Services

Our experienced advisory team has the depth of knowledge to understand all aspects of the healthcare industry. With insight into industry trends we can identify solutions and develop strategy and implementation plans to ensure you meet your organization’s business goals.

Patient Access and Revenue Cycle

Tailored solutions to the unique needs of your organization to improve physician and patient experience while reducing overhead and maximizing cash flow.

Value Based Care and Pop Health Management

Navigate the dramatically changing healthcare environment including the transition to Value-Based Care and Population Health Management.

Network Development and Physician Alignment

Grow and develop your physician network, including physician alignment, to meet your business goals.

Patient and Provider Experience

Leverage our practice management expertise to optimize your operations and improve the patient and physician experience.

Patient-Centered Access

Improving the physician and patient experience by enhancing and simplifying access to the appropriate physician or service with a consistent experience and compassionate, knowledgeable, and readily accessible customer service while also allowing care coordination and disease management activities for patients in risk-based payment programs.

Scheduling and Registration
  • Provide support for primary, specialty care practices, insurance products, and community referrals
  • Occurs at the time an appointment is scheduled
Insurance Verification
  • Verify patient’s coverage is active and also provides basic benefits
  • Verify specific benefits with the carrier per CPT code
Financial Counseling
  • Leverages dedicated support team to help identify financial payment arrangement solutions for uninsured patients and or patients receiving non-covered services
Referral Management
  • Outbound calls for existing patients to where a provider has written a referral order for a specialist


  • Contacting insurance companies, providing clinical data and obtaining a pre-authorization for services

Care Coordination

  • Eliminate disparities in preventative care access by placing outbound calls to patients

Post Discharge

  • Post-ED, Discharge, and Urgent Care Appointments – Direct appointment scheduling from these settings

General Assistance

  • Non-appointment assistance, such as patient requests (e.g., medication refills, results, records) in coordination with the office

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate long hold times and hang ups
  • Alleviate front-desk backlog
  • Streamline workflow
  • Improve patient communication
  • Accurate patient data collection
  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Boost co-pay collection
  • Efficiently schedule appointments
  • Optimize clinician’s time

End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management

Delivering efficient and high-quality end-to-end revenue cycle management services through technology-enabled Patient Access, Revenue Integrity and Billing Operations based on best practice to drive revenue, enhance performance and improve patient care.

Practice Operations

Driving performance by improving front-end operations with a flexible and advisory approach to partnering with providers.

Personnel Support

  • Run an efficient practice with support from non-clinical personnel, human resources and IT services from our subject matter experts to support your staffing, technical, and operational needs

Office Space

  • Real estate and facility services including the management of physical space and real estate search and leasing

IT and infrastructure

  • Server maintenance, network management, EHR and PM systems, helpdesk, data conversion, document management, and scanning. Hosted cloud services and system-level monitoring


  • Preparing, implementing and monitoring policies for compliance with requirements (e.g., fraud and abuse, HIPAA, disaster planning, CLIA, OSHA, FMLA, and state statutes

Group Purchasing

  • Obtaining group purchasing discounts; contracting for supplies and pharmaceuticals

Administration and Accounting

  • Accounting services, human resources, benefits management, research and bench-marking, practice governance

Strategy and Consulting

  • Coding evaluation and audits, coding education and presentations, and billing education

Risk Management

  • Design and development of comprehensive risk management programs including professional liability services and limits of liability, etc.

What differentiates Formativ Health from its competitors? Solutions that work for you.

Beginning with the essence of thoughtful design and driven by dynamic values and trust, our brand provides our clients with confidence and peace of mind. By providing complete end-to end attributes and features that align with our outcomes, we have created an entirely new experience in the marketplace.

For Physicians by Physicians

We are purpose-built for physicians by physicians who have two decades’ experience leading one of the largest health systems in the United States.

Comprehensive Patient Services

We offer the most comprehensive, high touch patient services in the ambulatory market, easing the patient’s clinical and financial journey, building patient loyalty and enabling physicians to focus on patient care.

End-to-End Technology Enabled Services

Our services are the first to span the care continuum, from patient access through collections and beyond, offering a portfolio of solutions that can be implemented in modules or end to end – and tailored to the provider’s needs.

Agnostic Technology

Our services are enabled by agnostic technology, ensuring they can work with the provider’s existing systems and not require system replacements that create operational disruptions.

“The administrators that support our process have been able to collect bills in a timely fashion increasing revenue to our bottom line.”

Dr. Charles Schleien

Executive Director, Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Northwell Health