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Don’t delay, start planning for MIPS reporting now

Join Healthcare industry expert, Danielle Taimuty, MA, CPC, CEMC, in collaboration with Premier, Inc for a webinar that will discuss how to prepare for MIPS as well as claim and registry based MIPS reporting. You will learn what is required to submit MIPS measures via claims and we will be hosting a couple of MIPS registry vendors to review the requirements for registry based reporting.

You will learn more about:

• What has changed this reporting period
• Submission methods and how Formativ Health can help
• How to leverage registry reporting
• MIPS Wizard

Understanding Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC)

Industry expert, Danielle Taimuty, MA, CPC, CEMC, outlines how HCC codes help bring reimbursements in line with quality and value of care. Find out how you can increase practice profitability and elevate the patient experience.

You will learn more about:

  • How hierarchical condition category coding will impact your practice
  • How the value based system and HCC codes impact your patients
  • How to receive appropriate reimbursements and get paid for the quality of services you provide

For the Health of Your Practice: New Services and  Approaches To Improve Practice Profitability and Patient Care

Industry expert, Danielle Taimuty, MA, CPC, CEMC, outlines new opportunities to enhance your practice’s prosperity — while delivering ideal patient care.

You will learn more about:

• Payment for prolonged services – now being covered by CMS and commercial services
• New reimbursement for cognition and functional assessment
• How to incorporate screenings into your practice to meet MIPS measures
• Which plan are encouraging and paying for telemedicine services at your practice